Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cheery and cosy

Last night my plan was a True Blood season 5 marathon to ready for the new season starting soon while snipping away on my rag quilt seams. When I spread the blanket out to see where I needed to pick up with the scissors, I found a very nasty surprise - a spider so big it should have been paying rent. Girly scream done, I took the quilt outside to get rid of the unwelcome guest. But that sucker did not want to let go. The more violently I shook the quilt, the more I worried the spider would fly up and hit me in the face. I finally got it off, but then the relaxing evening vibe was ruined for some time. Especially since I had to keep checking that it wasn't crawling on my hair or in my shirt.

I finished the cutting today, then tossed the blanket into the washing machine. Two go-arounds in the washer and then the dryer, it seems adequately fluffy and not shedding too much anymore. It's super soft and I love the cheery colours.

Now I'm thinking about that spider again. How dare it sully the sanctity of my craft room!

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  1. AMAZING!!! I want to run my hand over the photo for a feel!