Monday, June 3, 2013


This weekend my personal sewing guru, a.k.a. my mom, came over for an afternoon to get me started on a neat quilt kit she bought me when I first started quilting. Generally I'm a bit skittish around this type of project and stick to small sewing endeavours that I can soon pat myself on the back for finishing. But I have a few very lovely kits gathering dust that I really need to suck it up.

After the day with my mom pushing me along, I was really surprised to see how far I can get if I just focus. Which made me realize that focus is really where my crafting falls flat on its face. I'd like to blame many things for my short attention span - the internet, hectic job driven by tight deadlines, cats that always want to sit on what I'm sewing - but it's really just a lack of discipline.

But yesterday I buckled down under the watch of the most crazy productive crafty person. I cut out all the fabric needed for the Moroccan Tile quilt, so now I can just sew. I stitched together stacks, then cut them into triangles. I learned a nifty trick for making pentagons so you don't have a bump in the middle. This was like freaking magic watching the fabric fan around the centre!

I made a few pentagons to make sure I could do it on my own later. (We'll still see about that.) And then I sewed on the other fabric bits needed to make one of the 10 pie pieces that will become the finished quilt.

I like the fabric - Northcott Stonehenge - because it's not something I likely would have picked myself. But it has an amazing texture. Such a complicated project is also something I'd normally shy away from. But I jumped in and now I'm so glad to have a good start on it.

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