Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spicy Sunday

My one great weakness is a good sale and after a recent buy one, get one free offer on chicken breasts, I found myself with a bit of a surplus. So perfect timing for this Seasaltwithfood recipe for spicy ketchup chicken. The dish was pretty quick to throw together and tasted really good. I've got a pretty high threshold for spice, so it didn't taste super hot to me. But the tingling of my lips and fine layer of sweat on my face while I was eating tells me it had some heat.

It didn't have quite the red colour like in the picture, I think because I dumped the chicken and all the cornstarchy sauce into the pan. I should have just scooped in the chicken pieces. I also got a bit carried away with the ginger, but I really like fresh ginger.

Verdict: Definitely a recipe to make again.

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