Sunday, March 16, 2014


My vacation started yesterday and I spent much of the day sewing, making good progress on my City Sampler blocks. I made it to Block 15, finishing the crosses chapter. (Blocks 1 to 6 were posted previously, but I wanted to change how I photographed the blocks and went back to the start.) Now onto rectangles!

I think this is my favourite so far with its framed birdy. Made with 25 pieces!

I really like this block, along with #14.

Some of them look deceptively simple, like this one that still has 11 pieces.

I also sewed binding onto a lap quilt - I can't wait to finally see it finished! And I unintentionally wrangled my mom into doing a holiday sewing project for me. She's so fast and way more adept than me. I also realized sewing clothing is really not my thing just a few snips into cutting out the fabric. I much prefer the precision of quilting as a perfectionist to the core.

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