Saturday, April 12, 2014

A few tweaks

I took this block apart at the centre because I had the thick stripe in the wrong spot. Hand to god, I sewed it back together in exactly the same way! You can be sure I paid more attention the second time.

Then I conferred with my partner in the 100 block challenge and we agreed two do-overs were allowed for blocks that just don't work. Cue Block #60 for me.

Before (an experiment in combining busy fabrics gone wrong):

Then after, and much better:

I didn't want to just toss that fugly block aside, so I actually took it apart and promised the herringbone bits I would use them in other blocks. Looking at the revamped block now, I'm wondering if the solid green would have been better. Ah, what a slippery piecing slope.

This one doesn't count as a do-over. I just swapped the top strip of herringbone for solid green. That herringbone is a tricky creature - sometimes it looks great in a block, other times an eyesore.

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