Sunday, June 22, 2014

Off kilter

This mini quilt is just a fun little gift for no particular reason for a friend. I picked up the feather and bird print from Allison Cole's Birds of a Feather collection recently and for some reason it made me think of her. I had just enough grey and blue to make a Swoon block. (Excuse the photo - I realized only late at night when I went to post this that I took it with the little birdies upside-down and I had no idea it would be so disorienting to look at it if I flipped it around. Go figure. It's akin to the unexplainable phenomenon of me becoming incredibly unbalanced by a stopped escalator.)

I had some neat yardage with colourful chevrons for the backing, tossing in the HSTs salvaged from cutting out the block. (Breath a sigh of relief the perspective jives with reality as we know it in this photo.) I sewed a little sleeve in the top in case she wants to hang it up.

Simple straight-line quilting did the trick.

And in the corners two little birdies on the bottom and two feathers at the top.

And because she's having her first baby this fall, I whipped up another one of these cute wee blankets with the ric-rac trim. A proper baby blanket is on my crafty to-do list.

Addendum: Here's a better shot that won't induce vertigo.

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