Friday, July 25, 2014

A quilter lives here

My lovely Swoon mini was languishing on my craft table, rolled up and out of sight. The gears in my brain started turning and I thought of those magnetic door hangers from Lee Valley. I picked up two, hoping they'd be strong enough to hold layers of fabric and batting against a steel door. And boy are they!

Now my mini Swoon is hanging on my front door, declaring to all who pass that a quilter lives here. It's like the urban equivalent of barn quilts. I went back and got a few more, so now I can make use of the inside of my front door and garage door. Now the boring white doors have become mini quilt galleries!


  1. I thought just being home made me happy but having a quilt on the door would make is so much better.

  2. i'm still worried someone will steal it!