Saturday, July 26, 2014

I heart this quilt

A co-worker got married last weekend and a few days before someone mentioned her colours were white, red and black. Immediately my thought was that would make an amazing quilt. A quick Google search later and I found this tutorial for a twisting heart quilt. Nifty!

Red and black aren't colours I use often, so I dipped into my mom's abundant stash. When I showed her the pattern, she also had the template! I was just gonna make my own with paper, but boy did that template make the cutting a lot easier.

I sewed together a big heart block, then started cutting out the squares. I've never done this technique before and it sure produces a complex looking quilt in quite a simple way.

The only downside is all the waste. But since I used scraps to start with, I wasn't too bothered.

And voila! A pinwheel heart ready to sew together again. As I said, these are not at all colours I would normally use, but I sure do love how this is turning out.

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