Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quilting in circles

Here's the second finish in my monthly mini quilt club with Canoe Ridge Creations. (It's July 1 and I woke up this morning wondering when the next pattern will pop into my inbox!)

I'm on the fence about my fabric choices for this one. They're all from the same collection so they obviously go together, but the pattern kinda gets lost in the busy prints and the almost-solid pink really stands out. Maybe another patterned fabric for the middle squares would have worked better. I dunno. What do you think? Looking at it now, part of my issue may be the pattern itself. The four identical blocks go against my natural inclination toward asymmetry.

The pattern is called Boxed In, which oddly made me think circle quilting was the perfect choice. Oh how I love how the quilting turned out!

I decided to put a few squares in the middle, echoing the four squares in the blocks. Then I just went round and round. Fun! And definitely a departure from my usual straight-line quilting. You can really see the concentric circles on the back, where I used a light green thread.

And the back is just a few pieced strips of leftover fabric.

Now to check again for this month's pattern!



  1. Johanna, the quilting on this is awesome! How did you find the circles? Was it easy enough to keep them perfectly concentrical while moving the bulk of the quilt through the machine?

    1. Hey Sara. I drew the centre circle with a round container, then just used my foot as a guide for the rest. It got easier as the circles got bigger. The quilt isn't too big - about 24" square - so there wasn't too much bulk to wrestle with. I would definitely do circle quilting again - it's fun and looks really neat.