Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One finished, two started

In record time I finished my pillow for my giveaway sponsored by Fabric Please. All those curves sure are pretty. And I love the multi-coloured binding.

I was able to squeak out just enough fabric for the envelope back, adding a cuff of the house fabric.

I drew a winner for the FQ bundle prize and she seemed super excited about it, which made me happy. So I have a lovely pillow and a good feeling from this experience - let's count it as a success!

With a pillow behind me, I jumped into to more! I've had this Candy Dish pattern for quite some time and keep pulling it out and then putting it back. But seeing all the amazing photos from Quilt Market inspired me to cut into some of my treasured Tula. I paired prints from a few of her collections with a soft grey peppered cotton that goes perfectly.

And then I guess I was in a Tula mood because last night I decided to get back to the insanity of these teeny paper-pieced flying geese with leftover bits from my butterfly quilt. It was a good distraction from the long weekend coming to an end. This is destined to become another pincushion.

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  1. Your curvy cushion is lovely and your pairing of the Tula prints with the grey is gorgeous :)