Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rebel quilting

After my foray into organic quilting, I was quite happy to get back to what feels comfortable - straight-line quilting. I did stare at this mini for my Cotton + Steel swap for a while to figure out just how to go about those straight lines. My mini Rebel quilt is awesomely busy, so I knew I wanted to keep the quilting simple and relatively light. I settled on a light grey thread (the magical Aurifil 2600) and random diagonal lines, some changing direction.

Turns out random lines is a bit tricky for me too. I wasn't quite sure when enough was enough. Usually I go quite dense, so parts seemed "puffy" to me. But I think this was just the right place to stop. Now to get the binding on. I'm thinking the silver or maybe a navy C+S print. Or should I go a different way?


  1. I like the random lines, make it harder to see how it was pieced ... tricks the eyes. Not sure what binding I would choose to be honest, depends on what you want to highlight?

    1. I didn't notice that, but I think you're right Serena. (And it was totally unintentional!) Looking at it again, I think I will go with a navy binding.