Monday, May 11, 2015

Super scrappy

Here's a miracle - I made my bee block for May in the first week of the month! Although I'm sure now I'll drag my feet on the extras. This block looks deceptively simple. But it requires many little squares to make all those pretty corners - 48 to be exact! Then I employed a whole bunch of pins for some fast and furious chain piecing.

This month's queen bee asked for scrappy and colourful and I'd say I delivered! All those teeny triangles are different fabrics, with probably all my favourite designers represented.

Here's the practice block I made first. It looks totally different with the busy prints, but also nice I think. Too bad the small orange triangles are lost a bit in the yellow background print. But you really don't know how a block will turn out until it's all together.

My bee month is coming up fast in August, and I have no idea what I'm gonna pick! First settling on a block and then fabric seems like way too many possibilities.

The Bee Hive

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