Monday, November 16, 2015

Blocks and basket

I really enjoyed making the block for this month's queen bee. Good thing too, since I needed to make four for her because she did the same for me. Jackie picked a Christmas theme with bright green and red and I think I did well, considering my trouble finding those fabrics. I may pick the Homebase Block next year when it's my turn to be queen bee again.

As usual, I made a fabric basket to send as well. And I decided I really need to write a tutorial for my fast and easy way to put one together. I like the popular one-hour basket, but found a few steps in there that can be simplified to get a basket together even faster. And I like the look of the folded-down cuff. Or handles could be added, although I don't find those especially useful for the added time.

So add writing a tutorial to my to-do list! I just need a few daylight hours to take photos as I put one together.


  1. I would use that tutorial for sure! A few more baskets for projects would be helpful around here.

  2. oh yeah and I love those blocks.

  3. oh yeah and I love those blocks.

  4. I have a daylight lamp that helps with seasonal depression and I found it works great to use when taking photos too. Can just be hard to hold it and my phone/camera at the same time! :)