Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pillows sweet and salty

I've been on a bit of a pillow bender lately. These first two were not planned, especially during the hectic holiday making. But a friend was hosting another fundraiser to help a woman trying to get back on her feet and I couldn't help but make something to be auctioned. Since I planned to use all different fabrics which would leave me with double the HST I needed, I figured I might as well cut out enough of the rest to make two. So they're similar, but different. Fraternal pillows.

I love me some cross hatch quilting, but it sure is time consuming.

On the back of each, I used Tula prints as well. I am quite pleased both pillows were bought by Instagram friends, and they're on the way to their new homes now.

Then I made this sweet pillow for the sweetest little girl I know, using fussy cut prints to spell out the first letter of her name.

On the back I used the cutest animal party fabric.

And then my pillow making took a dramatic turn away from the sweet ...

These cheeky his and hers pillows are for a fellow foul-mouthed reporter - edited here in the interests of public decency. They're rather risque, but I love them and I'm sure she will too. I even used my precious newsprint fabric on the front, and then a doggone cute fabric on the back. It's all about balance, right?


  1. These pillows are adorable. I love the dog print (of course) but the newspaper fabric is the coolest! Nothing compares to my pillows though. ;-)

    1. I love those dogs, especially the bulldog with a bow and heels.