Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sew cosy

when a sew-along popped up for this super cute living room pattern, I could not resist joining even though I really should have been working on other sewing projects.

There's a lot of tiny piecing, but I found it so much fun! I was smiling like an idiot almost the whole time I was putting it together because it's so dang cute. The toughest part was deciding on the fabric. I waffled on that until I saw an IG post of a lampshade someone covered with one of my favourite Anna Maria Horner prints. Aha! That's actually the print I used on my lamp.

First the comfy chair:

Then the lamp:

A couch - with a quilt on it!! That seemed like the perfect place to use a precious bit of an all-time favourite AMH print that someone on IG kindly sent me. What a wonderful and generous community on Instagram!

Last but certainly not least - a quilt ladder! Here I used another older AMH print I never had that was sent to me by an IG friend.

And here is my AMH living room all together ...


  1. That's so adorable. I don't know if I'm going to be able to resist this pattern.

    1. Definitely make it! It really is so much fun.

  2. Too much comfortable furniture . I love it