Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Busy weekend

This Labour Day long weekend was a busy one. Saturday I followed a barn quilt trail with my mom and then I got down to some serious sewing.

First up was finishing my mini Swoon. Those blocks are lovely, but also super fiddly. Adding the zigzag fabric into the mix nearly broke my brain. But it turned out so nicely with this fabric, PB & J that I've been holding onto for the perfect project. The grey has a beige undertone that I only got because it was in a bundle of grey Kona solids. I thought I'd never have a use for it, but it was just right for this fabric. All the other greys were too grey. Go figure.

I finally got back to my baby quilt bonanza. I cut out these five-inch blocks of the most adorable kitty fabrics a while back. Enough for two quilts actually, once I added the pink and grey. I like how the greys tone it down so it's not over-the-top cute with the pink and kitties.

Those kitties sure are adorable. Of course I love the Siamese cats. Quilting will be in order soon, since I now have three baby quilt tops ready to go.

A friend asked me to make two pillow covers for his little girl. A little over a week ago I had never made a pillow cover, now I'm whipping them up like a pro! I make mine nice and tidy inside by zipping around the edge to keep fraying at bay. It looks so nice with the orange thread here.

I've been holding onto these adorable FQs for quite some time, and this seemed like the perfect use. What little kid wouldn't love this print? And how cheery paired with the orange birdy fabric on the back.

And I still had a bit of this squirrel treasure map fabric, pairing it with a soft floral. Too bad I didn't have any pillows the right size to put in the covers to see how they'll look.

I'll mail them off tomorrow with this cute little note. I hope she likes them as much as I do!

And I reached my cycling goal for the season on Monday! I covered 2,600 kilometres and there is still plenty of good weather left.

Not bad for a weekend's work! Although it seems for everything I cross off my crafty to-do list, I add at least one more project. Case in point, today a hefty package arrived at my doorstep with Jaybird Quilt's Park Bench quilt kit. I was really sorry I missed the classes offered at my local quilt shop to make this one, then it popped up at a huge discount on Craftsy and I had no choice but to get it. No choice, I tell you!

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