Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Growing medallion

Today I finally finished the third border on my mini medallion after a few busy days when I just had a bit of time to sew here and there. Love those snowballs! I picked a plain grey for the first strip, then a crosshatch grey for the snowball background. I love how it's coming together! And I think the blue background looks really good now. I was worried it was a bit too bright before adding this latest border.

Making the snowballs was time consuming, starting with cutting 96 1.5" squares and drawing a diagonal line on each one. I've never made snowballs before, so I learned something new which is always nice. Before adding the last two snowball strips here was a step to square up the medallion and I was quite pleased to find mine was exactly perfect - no adjustments needed. Now to wait until next month for the next border!

I posted photos recently of the first blooms on my Rose of Sharon and I was surprised to see the next few that opened are purple. Purple and pink flowers on one bush, go figure!

The blooms are so bright and delicate and lovely. I often make a detour to the backyard with my dog after our walk just to admire them.

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