Thursday, September 4, 2014

Worth the wait

Finally the first blooms opened on my Rose of Sharon this week! Talk about a late bloomer, since it's now September. The plants were given to me from an avid gardener's overgrown garden last year, two little spindly things that barely grew last summer and I didn't think would make it through the harsh winter.

This spring after the thick layer of snow melted and they emerged, one looked like it was barely holding on while the other was nothing but a gnarled stick. I nearly pulled it out, but slowly a few leaves emerged. I've been watching them closely all summer looking for signs of the first flowers, and finally about a week ago little splashes of colour emerged from a few buds. Then today I caught a glimpse of pink petals from the living room window and raced to the backyard, camera in hand. So pretty!

So far there are just three flowers, but plenty more buds - even on the smaller plant. I hope there's plenty of time for them to bloom, and me to admire, before the cool fall weather settles in.

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