Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Crafty photo acrobatics

A quilt photo assistant sure would be handy sometimes. Instead I had to spread this quilt top on the grass, run back inside before the wind caught it and perch on the ledge outside my sliding doors to get all of this in frame. And now I'm realizing I really should have got a close-up because you can't see the background is teeny multicoloured polka dots. Sigh.

This pinwheel quilt came together pretty quickly in a week of not even concentrated sewing. But now I think it will have to go out for quilting because it's a bit too unwieldy for me to handle on my machine at 71” x 54.5". I was thinking swirls, like wind blowing through the pinwheels.


  1. I often mock up quilt holding devices in my head that I think Hubby could make to help with the quilt photographing. This is a fabulously fun quilt.

    1. You just can't go wrong with a pinwheel quilt, then adding cute bears in strawberry costumes, polka dots and ladybugs really pushes it over the top. Now you do have me thinking about quilt-holding devices. Hmm ...