Friday, September 12, 2014

So long, triangles

I just wrapped up the triangles chapter in Tula Pink's City Sampler book. And thank goodness! Adding HST into the blocks definitely slowed down the sewing. With these 10 done, I'm now up to 70. Getting closer to 100! Good thing too, since the stack of Laura Gunn fabrics is getting slim.

I guess I liked this combo below, since I used the exact same for almost the exact same block later.

This one was a beast - 30 pieces in a 6.5 inch block. Crazytown!

I am loving the green here:

Another chapter done! Although it's hard to imagine a time when I won't be working on these blocks. They're such a fun diversion.


  1. They are lovely. I am going to skip block 50 and go back to it. So many pieces.