Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Coming around on yellow

Confession: Yellow is not a colour I'm especially fond of. I don't mind a bit of it, but certainly it is far, far, far from my favourite. But it seems I am fated to keep using it because so many people I'm sewing for in swaps and quilting bee groups really like it. So this yellow-hater is continually buying yellow fabric. I just picked up three FQs the other day! Just thinking of all the amazing pinks and teals and purples I had to leave behind makes me teary.

But I think all this forced sewing with yellow may be softening my stance. Just a teeny bit. Here are two Checker blocks I made for the final queen bee in my first group.

I also made her a basket, like I have for every queen bee this year. And I used my very own tutorial! I called it #basketinaflash and it was a thrill to see someone on IG already shared one she made.

And here is my practice Bunting Block for the first queen bee in my 2016 group. I made practice blocks all last year with one collection of fabric and plan to continue this year.

And, yes, there is yellow in this one I made myself. Every time I pull out this collection I wonder why I bought the bundle in the first place. It is totally not my usual colours, but I still quite like it. Maybe all the orange won me over.


  1. Doing a practice set to keep is a great idea. Embrace that yellow. It'll be great with the pink, teal, and purple fabrics you love so much.

    1. I should try to use it more in my own sewing. It is nice with those colours.