Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pillow bonanza

So I guess I wasn't done with pillows after making four for Christmas presents using an oversized Tic Tac Toe block. I had a few days off after the holidays and decided to make pillows for four wonderful women I've gotten to know through Instagram. I asked them each what colours they would like, then dove into my stash to find the perfect fabrics.

Now the fun part - quilting! I did them all in with straight-line quilting. That's my happy place. I just zone out and keep stitching, only getting up from my sewing machine to use my secret weapon for straight-line quilting - masking tape.

This was also a chance to use an awesome Christmas gift I got from a friend - labels with my name on them! How cool is that?! (You can get your own at

Here's a Tula-rrific pillow in pink and purple. I just picked up more of that pink print because it's such a fabulous, saturated colour.

This one is similar to a previous, only I used that great Carolyn Friedlander botanics print for the background. Again using more Tula fabric for the X and corners.

I love this Anna Maria Horner pillow, with a soft grey quilter's linen for the background. That floral print is one of my all-time favourites. I missed when her True Colours collection came out and have only been able to snag a few of my favourite prints, including the flowers in just the blue colourway.

And then this awesome black, red and white pillow. It's totally not a normal colour scheme for me, but I love how bold it is. And that text print is great one I only cut into for special projects.

Here are collages with the pillows and their backings. Usually I make envelope backs with the opening horizontal, but I changed it when that better suited the direction of the print.

How awesome is that red old tyme telephone print?!

Then I folded them neatly and tied them with a selvage bow.

I popped them into the mail yesterday and can't wait for them to arrive at their new homes all across the United States.


  1. They look amazing. Love them. Do you have any info on where the name tags were purchased from or how they are made?

    1. The labels are from You can pick the font, colour, etc. Basically you design them yourself.

  2. Lovely! And I second J Thistle's question re: the tags! They are awesome!!

    1. The labels are from You pick the font, colour, what they say.