Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Hazel

I just can't get enough of making Hazel blocks. They are a bit fussy, but it's so fun when that cute face and spikey 'do emerge. This one is for the one-year-old daughter of a friend, the most smiley, sweet little girl ever. I picked up these great Rhoda Ruth prints and the next day was cutting out a Hazel. I used the same body and face background as my last teal Hazel, then the most perfect blue-grey Kona for the background. I definitely need to get more of that colour.

Quilting again was wavy lines because apparently that's how I have to quilt Hazels. Then I made it into a pillow with awesome origami animal fabric for the backing. I wish I got more of that, especially since it was on sale. Sigh. Fabric-buyers remorse is almost always for the fabric you didn't get. I used the same fabric on another pillow:

I love, love, love this pillow. The colours are wonderful and it's so big and squishy and soft. Every time I see it in my craft room, I can't help but pick it up and give it a squeeze.


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    1. I really love this one. I'm glad I have a week with her before I have to give it away!