Friday, January 8, 2016

Good start

Here it is just the first week of January and I already have blocks made for both my queen bees for the month. Thankfully this is the only month where there is an overlap.

These Bunting blocks turned out so nice with the pink and yellow and scrappy low-volume background.

I decided for this round of the bee I would make a second block for my extra. That's simple and fun, and may even reduce my packaging and mailing costs compared to sending a fabric basket as an extra. Plus then I don't need to cut extra fabric to send, which I think was my least favourite task.

And here are all my January blocks together, with the signature blocks too.

I think for this round I'm also gonna keep it simple with the signature blocks. Maybe I'm finally getting smart now that I've had 40 years on this planet. I always come up with these arbitrary ideas, and then force myself to stick with them no matter what. I made a fabric basket and cut extra fabric for the first queen bee, so then I had to stick with that all year. Well, new year, new decade, maybe new me.