Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Catching up

Somehow I got a block behind on the #modernHSTsampler, and then another block pattern came out. Eep. Time to get cutting!

Here is Block #10 - Faceted Stripe. It came together quickly, thanks to using the eight-at-a-time method of making HST. Next time, though, I will cut the starting squares a bit bigger than the size given. When I trim my HST, I like a little extra fabric to work with so I can trim all four sides, not just the ears. These turned out to be just the size needed, and a bit smaller in some cases.

And here's Block #11 - Starshine. I really like this one, especially with that really dark blue.

Both use the same background fabric - a light grey quilter's linen - even though it looks different in the picture. The clouds cleared for a bit for the second photo, and I think the dark fabric changed the contrast.

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