Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tutorial: Squared Summits

This is my first go at a pdf tutorial, so please excuse the low production values. But it's a neat block I wanted to share and I hope people have fun making it too. It's simple, but quite striking. I called it Squared Summits because it's a square version of the traditional Delectable Mountains block.

You can find the tutorial here.

Here are a few examples that show you just how many possibilities there are with this block. Each one looks totally different depending on the size and fabric. Here are a few examples, which I have posted previously on this blog so they may look familiar. But it is neat to see them all together to see just how many possibilities there are with this simple block.

This uses Alison Glass fabric and off-sets the blocks with narrow sashing between.

This pillow's bold colour scheme of blue and orange, white and black really sets off the blocks.

Here's another pillow with an Anna Maria Horner floral print combined with Grunge and a border.

Below are two more matching tops that will become pillows as well.

This block is super versatile and super easy. You just need to master a half-rectangle triangle. Follow my tutorial and you'll be whipping up these blocks in no time! I also included a simple calculation to make them in any size.

I want to give a nod to Wendy on Instagram (@wens_was_here) for inspiring this tutorial. I saw a beautiful pillow she made with this block and I immediately made two! I had the math a bit wrong on that first go, and set to figuring it out. Not just for that four-block pillow, but for any size. And you can see I've kinda been hooked on making them in every size and configuration since! I hope you have fun with it too.

***If you do make these blocks, please share them on Instagram with the hashtag #squaredsummits and tag me - @johannaweidner. I'd love to see them!


  1. First all the fabrics are gorgeous! What a beautiful block and so many options! I'll check out your tutorial!!

    1. I encourage you to give it a try. I feel like I'm only getting started with all the different options this block offers.

  2. Love the colours. The bold pillow is very striking.

  3. These are all very cool and also very different versions of the same block! This is a great example of how creativity can take the same block and make a million different quilts/projects!

    1. The options are endless with this simple block.

  4. These are wonderful, all so different too! Love ,love the AMH cushion!