Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome home

A handmade pillow seemed like the perfect house-warming gift for a friend and her family who recently moved into their first home. What an exciting and scary time!

I decided to revisit this traditional block that I used long ago for a mini quilt. Only this time I made it on a much bigger scale for a 20" pillow. (I just made it again, only on a much, much, much smaller scale for a mini mini challenge. Stay tuned!)

I pulled out my treasured Carolyn Friedlander fabric because I wanted a more neutral colour palette. I really love this muted combo of blue and green with a hint of orange. Taking a cue from the fabric, I quilted it with blue and orange thread. Good thing too, since I barely had enough blue to finish!

And here it is finished, complete with a "made by Johanna" label.

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